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«Fenton’s Photographic Campaign in the Crimea»
17 - 23 September 2010
7 day/6 night
* Minimum group of 10 people

Dear friends
I invite you to participate in a unique, exclusive photo-journey
“The Reveals Roger Fenton Couldn't Shoot”,
developed by me for the visual familiarity with the locations where the shooting took place first in the world of photojournalism during the Crimean War in 1855. We also visited the site of battles, where there was Roger Fenton.
The tour is seven days long. Participants will lodge in Evpatoriya during the tour.
Please, feel free to contact us for more information!

- Day One: Transfer Simferopol -Evpatoriya and check into our
hotel for six nights.
- Day Two: The landing of Allied troops near Evpatoria, Calamita.
14 September1854. Fight for Evpatoria. 17 February 1855
- Day Three: Battle of Balaclava 25 October 1854
Balaklava battlefield with the sites of the Thin Red line & the
charge of the Light Brigade & the Raglan’s viewpoint , with
several memorials of the Balaklava battle
- Day Four: Battle of Alma 20 September 1854
the Alma battlefield with a memorial complex
- Day Five: Battle of Inkerman 5 November 1854
Battle r.Chernoy 16 August 1855
- Day Six: Sebastopol, “The Valley of the Shadow of Death”,
Malakhov, Panorama, Michael Ravelin, Kamish bay.
- Day Seven: Return, transfer Evpatoriya - Simferopol
Tour price: $ 590.00 for one person
Deposit: $ 90 ( to 10.08.2010)
Meal Plan: 6 breakfasts, 5 lunches, 6 dinners
- This cost includes: meals, accommodation in a mini hotel, in a 2-person rooms with all amenities, bus transportation, excursions, guide interpreter and tickets to Museums.
-This cost does not include expenses for the trip to Crimea.
The hotel is located 500 meters from the coast of the Black Sea.
Hotel will be reserved or six nights from 17.09.2010 -18:00 to 23.09.2010 -10:00

Power lunches and dinners are included in the proposed price and will be held on home cooking using it, lunch will be arranged directly while traveling on the principle of a picnic,
You ill have the opportunity to taste the national dishes of the Crimea, if you have any preferences in food, vegetarianism, or else you must first tell me about it.

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